Benzinga APIs

From earnings reports to options activity, Benzinga focuses on information that moves the market. We offer a suite of channels that concentrates on breaking news so that your firm can be the first to lock in a trade. We offer two ways to receive our news, through a pull based Rest API or a push based TCP. Both offer unprecedented access to the markets.

One of the foundations of Benzinga is to "obsess over our clients, not our competition."

Quality relationships are the driving force behind successful business, and our commitment to this is always coming first.

To get started with Benzinga's APIs please email us directly at or give us a call: 877-440-9464. We will respond within a business day.


Include your API key/token as the token parameter in the request query string.

Return Format

The defualt format for Benzinga APIs is specified in individual API specs, but will be JSON unless otherwise specified.

You can request JSON by setting the accept header to application/json or XML using application/xml where this is not deprecated.

New integrations using XML output format are not recommended.


curl -X GET \
'' \
-H 'accept: application/json'